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Bachelor of Muamalat Administration with Honours - BMA (Hons)


Islamic business management field or muamalat is a thriving field after the adoption of the basic Islamic value in the public and private sectors launched by the Government of Malaysia in the early 1980s. If it is implemented with wisdom, it will provide benefits to all parties and also to religion, race and nation because it covers the whole field of human needs based on sharia. Until now, there are three areas that have shown significant results such as Islamic banking, takaful and Islamic capital and money markets. This programme is offered in accordance with the development of muamalat system for providing human resources that can fulfil the development of that field.

Programme Goals

  • To produce graduates with the conceptual and praactical knowledge in the field of Islamic business management/muamalat and conventional simultaneously.
  • To provide a source of skilled manpower in the field of Islamic business by meeting the market demand in the national and international human resources in the field of Islamic business management/muamalat which is growing rapidly.
  • To give a comprehensive exposure about Islamic business sector and the related issues.
  • To produce graduates who are able to use knowledge in both management fields efficiently and effectively in order to overcome the challenges of dynamic business environment.

Career Prospects

The Muamalat Administration Programme will produce graduates with a strong base in the Islamic Business Management and Islamic Administration System. These graduates will have opportunity to work in both private andpublic institutions which is operated by Islamic management oriented.

Programme Learning Outcomes

1. Apply the muamalat management and business management knowledge.

2. Develop plans, strategies and muamalat management methods in enhancing organizational competitiveness.

3. Develop new and innovative ideas in the muamalat dealings to facilitate continuous organizational prosperity.

4. Ability to communicate well in Arabic, English and Bahasa Malaysia with all the various stakeholders involved in muamalat management.

5. Able to fulfill the social responsibility aspects in implementing muamalat management activities.

6. Ability to apply the Islamic legal and ethical aspects in the planning and the implementation of muamalat management activities.

7. Able to continuously identify changes in the surrounding environment and to adapt accordingly by utilizing the latest muamalat management       system.

8. Demonstrate business management skills as well as to manage muamalat affairs.

9. Portray leadership skills and ability to work in a dynamic manner in muamalat dealings.

Programme Learning Goals And Objectives


Students will apply knowledge contained in al-Quran and
Objective: Students will identify muamalat activities as derived from Quranic verses and Hadith.

 LG2   Students will demonstrate that they have command principle, theory and philosophy of muamalat.
Objective:Students will identify and explain concepts and theories related to muamalat management

Our students are effective communicators.
Objective: Students will prepare and deliver a professional quality presentation and demonstrate effective verbal communication skills.

 LG4  Students will demonstrate that they are effective learners.
Objective: Students will apply Islamic concepts, tools and techniques in solving muamalat (commercial transactions) management problems faced   by companies.

Summary Programme Requirements


  Component Credit Hours
A. University Core 25
B. Programme Core 74
C. Languange Components 9
D. Programme Electives                24
E. Free Electives 3
  Total 135


A. University Core (25 Credit Hours)
  Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
  SADN1013 Islamic and Asian Civilization I 3
  SADN1033 Malaysian Nationhood Studies 3
  SADN1043 Ethnic Relation 3
  SBLE1063 English for Proficiency I 3
  SBLE2113 English for Proficiency II 3
  SBLE3123 English for Proficiency III 3
  SADE1013 Foundations of Entrepreneurship 3
  VXXXXXXX Co-Curriculum 4

Programme Core (74 Credit Hours)

  BEEB1013  Principles of Economics 3
  BKAL1013  Business Accounting 3
  BPLS1033 Principle Arabic Language for Muamalat  3
  BPLS3103 Arabic Language for Muamalat 3
  BPMM1013  Introduction to Marketing  3
  BPMN1013  Introduction to Management  3
  BPMN3023 Strategic Management 3
  BPMN3123  Management Ethics  3
  BPMN3143 Research Methodology 3
  BPMS1013 Theory and Practices in Islamic Business 3
  BPMS2013 Fiqh Muamalat  3
  BPMS2053 Management Aspects in the Al-Quran and Al-Hadith 3
  BPMS2063 Usul al-Fiqh for Muamalat 3
  BPMS2093 Qawaid Fiqhiyyah for Muamalat 3
  BPMS3073 Seminar in Muamalat Administration 3
  BPMS3083 History of Islamic Law Development 3
  BPMS3093 Aqidah Islamiyyah 3
  BPMS3103 Sirah Nabawiyyah 3
  BPSX4908 Practicum 8
  BWFF2033 Financial Management 3
  GLUL2023 Business Law 3
  SQQS1013 Introduction to Statistics 3
  STID1103 Computer Application in Management 3

Language Components (9 Credit Hours)

  SBLF1053 Mandarin I 3
  SBLF2053 Mandarin II 3
  SBLF3053 Mandarin III 3

Programme Electives (24 Credit Hours)
Students have to CHOOSE EIGHT (8) courses from the following lists:

  BPES3063 Islamic Economic Management 3
  BPFS2043  Islamic Financial Management  3
  BPMI3013 Islamic Quality and Halal Management 3
  BPMI3023 Operation of General and Family Takaful Management 3
  BPMI3033 Syariah Governance Management and Audit 3
  BPMS2033 Islamic Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 3
  BPMS2073 Pusaka Management, Hibah dan Wasiat 3
  BPMS2083 Endowments and Baitul Mal Management 3
  BPMS3013 Zakat Management 3
  BPMS3023 Theory and Philosophy of Takaful 3
  BPMS3053 Islamic Principles in Marketing Management 3
  BPMS3113 International Muamalat Management 3
  BPMS3273 Marketing management in the OIC 3
  BSMH3163 Human Resource Management in Islamic Perspective  3
  BWBS2013 Islamic Banking Operations 3
  BWFS2033 Islamic Finance and Banking Regulation 3
E. Free Electives (3 Credit Hours)

Student can choose any one of the courses offered by other programs in the same schools or other school courses, taking into account the following :

i.  Must meet the course prerequisites if required prerequisites.

ii. Equivalent courses cannot be used as a free electives.